7 Dec,2022

In the global race to curb the pandemic, scientists are testing a new kind of vaccine. Roger Highfield, Science Director, talks to key figures in the ‘David and Goliath’ race for a COVID-19...

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2 Dec,2022

With these powerful words, conservationist Dr Jane Goodall captured the mood of a global panel in discussing the climate emergency – arguably the most pressing issue of our time. The event,...

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30 Nov,2022

The world’s biggest vaccine manufacturer is the Serum Institute of India. Roger Highfield, Science Director, talks to Umesh Shaligram, Executive Director, about its vast COVID-19 vaccination...

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28 Nov,2022

Details of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine are published today, showing encouraging efficacy and some puzzling features. Science Director, Roger Highfield, talks to the trial’s Chief Investigato...

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12 Jan,2021
Remembering Prof S M Chitre - Stalwart of the Indian Astronomy

Yesterday, Prof. Shashikumar Madhusudan Chitre (84), one of the very well known scientists closely associated with Science Communication and very closely associated with the Nehru Science Ce...

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30 Dec,2019
Superbugs Exhibition and the Saga of raise and fall of Antibiotics

Shivaprasad Khened, Director, Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai The story of the ‘accidental’ discovery of penicillin has been frequently told and this story has transcended across countries. Eve...

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19 Aug,2019
On the hunt for new medicines

Science Safari On the hunt for new medicines We are currently living in a world where many of our known and trusted antibiotics are no longer effective against diseases they used to cure. Wi...

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19 Aug,2019
Why antibiotics are important

Sheldon Paquin Project Leader – Antibiotics, Science Museum, London A hundred years ago, medicine looked very different. Even though we understood that disease and infection could be caus...

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16 Nov,2015
Science on Wheels A Retrospective

Dr. Saroj Ghose Prelude Dr S Hussain Zaheer, then Director General of CSIR, was in his office at Delhi in a very relaxed mood after a post-lunch brief nap. That was in the last week of March...

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13 Apr,2015
Activating the Vision for Innovation Hubs in India

Paula Gangopadhyay Chief Learning Officer, The Henry Ford Dearborn, Michigan, USA Recently, I had the distinct opportunity to be the guest of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) at th...

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11 Feb,2015
Figuring out plane truths

by Sowmya Rajaram Too slow. Too fast. Too much to the right and ...crash. Drat. Trial two. This time, I'm a tad slower, consciously making sure I, prostrate in a contraption, don't t...

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No Image 25 Sep,2014
Calicut Planetarium A story of triumph over trials

An article published in ‘Planetarian’, Journal of the International Planetarium Society by Shri V. S Ramachandran & Shri Jayant Gangopadhyay, Regional Science Centre & Planetarium, Calicut,...

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