World Robot Olympiad 2024

WRO India, the World Robot Olympiad, has been India's largest STEM and robotics competition for students aged 8 to 19. WRO India Season 2024 marks the 18th year of this prestigious competition, with over 90 countries participating worldwide. Guided by the theme "Earth Allies," students across age categories - elementary, junior, and senior - showcase their innovative prowess in competition categories, including Future Innovators, RoboMission, RoboSports, and Future Engineers. The journey unfolds through a series of virtual and in-person events, progressing through three levels: Level-1 Virtual Championship, Level-2 Regional Championship, and Level-3 National Championship, culminating in the International Championship in Turkey.

Each participating school benefits from one free team registration, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility. Since 2006, the India STEM Foundation has spearheaded WRO India Season 2024. Supported by the National Council of Science Museums, it promises to be a transformative experience, igniting passion for STEM competitions and shaping the future of robotics and innovation to solve global sustainability issues.

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